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  • Episodic // Comedy

  • 2021 // Line Producer

  • Mackenzie, an impulsive thirty-something, tries to figure out life and love when she drunkenly pees in front of cops and kids. Now, she's a registered sex offender, which complicates things when she meets Luke, aka Mr. Right. Their romance escalates before Mackenzie can disclose why she always seems to encounter trouble, aka Helen and her vigilante posse. She finds guidance from an unexpected source, Kyle, a friend she makes at court ordered group therapy. Meanwhile, Luke has no idea that he’s dating a criminal when he announces his bid for Illinois' Attorney General. Mackenzie grapples to control a life mired in lies until everything implodes.

  • Directed by: Chloe Lenihan

  • Written by: Chloe Lenihan, Alex Cannon

  • Produced by: Chicago Media Angels, Proteá & Seven Sirens

  • Starring: Sam Guinan-Nyhart, Chloe Lenihan, Patrese McClain

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